Equity's Services

We provide the best services in the industry because we want you to succeed, to grow your business, and to help you keep as much of your money as possible.

Equity really wants to provide you with quality services, exceptional resources, and outstanding support. You'll find that our services, resources, and support are like a living organism in that we're constantly improving, growing, and strengthening them.

List of Services

Free Lead Capture

Capture, manage, and contact all of your leads generated from QR codes, texts, calls, and websites into one convenient content manager.

Tie all your leads from QR codes, texts, calls and websites into one easy content manager! Equity Provides a FREE, personalized mobile app to all Equity Real Estate REALTORS®.

Buyer's Choice: Voice, Text, Scan, Web

Never miss a lead! Buyers can choose to call the automated hotline to hear property info, and then be given the option to download your app! Or if they prefer, they can send a text and immediately receive a link which provides buyers with our REALTOR®'s personalized app, allowing the client to search listings on their phone, view maps, and see what's nearby and the whole time our REALTOR® is notified of the lead's activity real-time! You can begin that conversion process right then and there as an Equity REALTOR®. And it is free!

MLS Integration

The free website that Equity offers our REALTORS® is lead capture friendly. Our REALTORS® can choose to have the leads come directly to their phones, emails or lead managers. Did we mention that the leads belong to our REALTOR® and aren't filtered through a broker, or turntabled out to all of the REALTORS® in the office? It's true. The leads that come through an Equity REALTOR®'s signage or free website are all the sole property of the REALTOR®.

Great Lead Generation Tool

Our REALTOR®'s personalized mobile apps comes ready to share with a simple click of a button and entering a phone number. What this means is that your clients can share your app with their friends and family simply and quickly. We've had plenty of business come through the Share feature proving it to be a fantastic way to generate leads.

*Not all services available in all areas, please contact your local broker for details.

How Does Your Branded Mobile Site Work?

Buyers simply call from your yard sign. They then are played a property info recording and can choose to have a text message with a link to your personalized mobile site or to call you directly.

How Does Your Branded Mobile Site Work?

A "real time" web application that allows you to manage your leads. This includes template emails, send text messages to clients, send notes to the (optional) Loan Officer or call back scheduling.

Lead Generating Signs

Beautiful signs that can capture a lead straight to your website.

Equity provides lead generating signs to our REALTORS® "at cost"! At only $12.95 for a "standard" listing sign, these signs are some of the most affordable in the industry!

Equity signs are specifically designed to generate more leads and make YOU more money!

All signs come with Lead Capture technology; tie all your leads from calls and websites into one easy content manager.

Whether a Buyer calls, texts, or uses your personalized app, all leads go directly to you, the REALTOR® via email.

Order signs through Elevate and pick them up from your broker.

Free ProAgent Website

FREE, ProAgent Website that has IDX-integration search ability for all properties on your MLS.

Equity REALTORS® receive the number one IDX- integration website in the industry for FREE!*

There are no substitutes that match the sleek and powerful nature of the real estate industry's best IDX-integration, property search website. That's why Equity provides each REALTOR® with their own for Free! That's a $60/month value that has been proven time and time again to build businesses and increase sales that Equity delivers. Improved SEO, property searches, community designations, featured listings... and a whole lot more for Equity REALTORS® to use to better serve their clients.

Assortment of 



Elevate is a web repository, series of utilities, and resources that are designed to make an REALTOR®'s life easier, more efficient, and more profitable.

Equity Elevate provides our REALTORS® 24 / 7 access to:

Documents & Forms Through dotloop

  • Digital Signatures & Document Storage/Access
  • Easily Invite Client, Escrow, Title, etc. to the Loop
  • Approved National, State, and Brokerage Transaction Forms
  • Policies and Procedures
  • HUD Bidding
  • Client Newsletters - Editable for you to send to your clients

Training Videos

  • Invaluable for everyone, new to veteran
  • 12-Week Personalized Course for new REALTORS®
  • Discounted online C.E. courses and Free in-office, semi-monthly C.W. classes
  • 24/7 access to strategically developed training courses

ProAgent Website

  • FREE Equity-Branded Website
  • IDX/MLS Integration Capable
  • Professionally designed and maintained by Equity
  • Unlimited Listings!

REALTOR® Roster Look-Up

  • Have a deal to refer? Look up a fellow REALTOR® by state, city, or brokerage

Online Conference Room Booking

  • Reserve your local Equity conference rooms

Listing Presentations

  • PowerPoint Slideshow - Professional and editable for your customizations

Commission Pay

  • One of the best in the nation. We're talking daily pay.

Preferred Vendors & Equity Store

  • Signs
  • Business Cards
  • Transaction Coordinators
  • Advertising
  • Computer Repair
  • Mortgage Companies
  • Thank You Gifts, and more...

Lead Capture

  • Manage all leads from texts, calls, and websites via your ProAgent Website

Personal Profile Management

  • Manage your contact information and biography from an easy to use interface


  • Continuing Education Courses, Training Seminars, Webinars, and your schedule

Business Cards

Equity has created a superior way to order customized business cards, delivered directly to you!

We offer many different layouts, styles and colors, making it easy to design a card that matches your personality. Equity does not earn or keep any income from your purchase, making them as affordable as possible.


Take your career to the next level with specialized sales training!

Equity is committed to helping you in every way possible so we offer REALTOR® training, discounted online C.E. courses, online website instruction, and more!

Free E&O Insurance

At Equity, you will not pay additional fees for E&O Insurance!*

Did you know that Equity includes the Errors & Omissions Insurance in the transaction fee?

At Equity, we believe in the concept of being "just and fair" in all of our dealings! That is why we include the E&O at no extra charge to you!

How do we do it?

Equity has negotiated a great rate for E&O insurance which averages out to be approximately $11 per transaction! Rather than charging this as an extra fee, we include the E&O as an additional benefit of being an REALTOR® with Equity!

At Equity we are upfront and fair (Equitable) with our REALTORS®, Brokers and employees! We believe that by offering more services to you at no extra charge we will benefit much more than charging a few extra fees here and there!

This is yet another example of the many reasons that REALTORS® can increase their bottom line! It is part of our service to you as an Equity REALTOR®. *Where available

Broker Support

The greatest thing about Equity is our brokers.

We have the most incredible group of dedicated, honest, and experienced brokers in the nation. They strive to return all REALTOR® calls in less than 2-hours, we have brokerage legal defense, 24-hour access to all forms and resources, you can turn in your files anytime from anywhere.

Commission Sharing

Refer an REALTOR® to Equity and we will pay you $100 per each of their closings.

Equity developed this program because of a concern about the lack of health insurance for REALTORS® in our brokerages. Brady Long, President & Founder, knew that as a REALTOR® reserving a few hundred dollars out of each paycheck for health insurance was not an easy task, and he was concerned about the retirement plans available to his REALTORS®. He came up with this unique commission sharing program as the answer. Though the idea was born from a concern about REALTOR's® insurance coverage and retirement, any money earned through the Commission Share program is yours to do with as you please. That's potentially thousands of dollars in profits every year just waiting for you.

Free Commission Check Direct Deposit

No unnecessary trips to the bank for you, and no waiting!

Equity has the fastest paycheck system in the industry.

Free eLeads

Access to For Sale By Owner leads and moreā€¦

eLeads is a FREE service that provides recent For Sale By Ownerleads for the benefit of our Equity Real Estate REALTORS®.

Our service provider searches newspapers, magazines, websites, databases, and public records and then organizes the information into a simple and easy to use format that gives our REALTORS® quality leads.

After you have assembled the list of eLeads you can upload it to eMarketing and you have a unique powerful direct mail system that focuses directly on your target market.


Tools and resources to help you
professionally market your business.

The only platform you'll ever need. Simplify
your marketing by integrating Sharper Agent. An
easy-to-use online subscription puts templates for over
4,000 marketing materials at your fingertips. Newsletters,
flyers, and pre-built campaigns are ready to be customized and

Set your newsletter up in minutes and it will go out monthly to the contacts you
choose. Over 3,000 easy-to-use email templates at your disposal. Print and direct mail
solutions that reflects a professional image. Animated home tours in a media-rich presentation.
Create multi-touch, targeted campaigns in just minutes. Let your website and social networking pages
capture leads 24/7. Really put these awesome tools to work for you and see the results.

Vendors Relationships

We continue to add value to your relationship with Equity.

It's our goal to provide as many tools and resources as possible to our REALTORS® at no additional charge. When this is not possible we negotiate discounts on vendor services and pass the savings directly on to you.

Charity and Humanitarian Donations

Equity is involved in the world and our communities giving back to those less fortunate.

"We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give." — Sir Winston Churchill

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...EQUITY REAL ESTATE® and ® also offer the following services:

Real Estate Marketing Services in the field of Residential and Commercial Real Estate, homes, land, condominiums, apartments, coops, luxury apartments; Providing Real Estate leads for prospective purchasers.

Real Estate Brokerage Services; Real Estate Acquisition Services; Commercial and Residential Real Estate Agency Services; Real Estate Consultation; Real Estate Multiple Listing Services; Providing information in the field of Real Estate; Providing information in the field of Real Estate via the Internet; Providing websites and databases featuring Real Estate brokerage information in the nature of photographs, videos, and moving pictures.

Communications Services, namely, delivery of messages by electronic transmission; Providing online communications links for website users to other Real Estate Agents in their state.

Computer Services, namely, providing a website for the use in the real estate industry featuring technology that enables users to submit a message over the Internet regarding their real estate availability and needed real estate requirements, and to also get access to a real estate database of agents, and to initiate contact with a real estate brokerage via social media.